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The Lady Musgrave Island Experience

Snorkelling Charters

Charters that Suite You

Explore Lady Musgrave

Meet at the 1770 Marina jetty at the allocated time for a 2 hour travel to the beautiful Great Barrier Reef.


Experience a day at Lady Musgrave snorkelling on a couple of different reefs within the massive lagoon and have a stroll on the beautiful wooded island and a well earned lunch on our boat.

Great for families and people that want a more personalised day without the crowds.


Maybe you’d like to privately charter the boat ($2200) and snorkel 2 reefs in different locations…..Lady Musgrave and Fairfax or Fitzroy reef and Hoskyns island.

                                                 $275Adults        $209Children 8 -14yrs

                                           No children under 8 years unless private charter

We supply food for the day, all snorkelling gear and wetsuits for those colder months.

Water temps usually vary between 20 and 29 degrees

Bulletproof at Lady Musgrave lagoon
Starfish and much more in the Lady Musgrave lagoon
Friendly turtle in the Lady Musgrave lagoon
Plate coral
Corals in the Lady Musgrave lagoon
Colourful clam shells
Corals come in all different shapes and forms
Blue fish and purple coral
Lady Musgrave island walk
Blue fish and pink coral
Lady Musgrave corals
Bulletproof on her moorings
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