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Our Gallery

Photo by Kim Cooke Photography & Design

Snapshots from Charters & 1770

Lady Musgrave Coral

Vibrant Coral on Lady Musgrave

Another catch - big Cod

Red Throat Emperor

Getting Kayaks off the top of the boat

New discovery on reef at Lady Musgrave

Coral Artwork

Noddy Turns Nesting season on Lady Musgrave Island

Boys are ready for a snorkel

Blue fish purple coral

Another happy customer with her Coral Trout

Snorkeling at Pancake Creek

Walking in one of the Pancake Creek Coves

Viewing Bulletproof from Pancake Cove

Discovery Accountants and Advisers Christmas Party Sunset Cruise

Having a break in between fishing

Cool camp site at Lady Musgrave

Bustard Head Lighthouse

Monster Cod

Family catch up at Pancake Creek with my girls

Well done Deli......Coral Trout

Captain - Decky - & Daughter

Neighbours birthday charter at Lady Musgrave

Father & Son snorkeling

camper kayaking from the boat

campers ready to go to Lady Musgrave

Red Emperor

Well done Finno - nice Trout.......hahahaha

Pirates on the boat next door

Nice Cobia

Loaded up from Bulletproof heading to the island

Campers ready to be picked up from Pancake Creek

Picking up campers from Pancake Creek

Kids can fish too

Brown Booby resting on our bow

Another beautiful day in Paradise on the Lady Musgrave Lagoon

Bullet Proof leaving 1770 for another perfect day on the Reef

Aereal view of Lady Musgrave reef

Snorkelling in the clear lagoon at Lady Musgrave Island

Our Fishing Charters are a great catch

Arriving at Lady Musgrave Island Lagoon

Lady Musgrave Island

The crystal clear water in the Lagoon at Lady Musgrave Island

Aerial view of our boat Bullet Proof on the edge of the reef in the Lagoon at Lady Musgrave Island

The end to a another gorgeous Sunset Tour

A group aboard Bullet Proof for our Sunset Tour

Just some of the many catches on our Reef Tours

Sandy in on the action

Snorkelling at Lady Musgrave Lagoon

The end to a perfect day and a huge bag of reef fish

Nice one Gary

A great day of fun on the reef with Sandy & Tony on board Bullet Proof

Monster catch Kelly - the smile says it all

Boys charter to the reef and what fun did they have

Whoo hoo on the way to the REEF

Sandy and friends ready for a big day fishing and snorkelling

Rods all geared up and ready to catch the big ones

Lady Musgrave

Having fun in the lagoon at Lady Musgrave


Ready to snorkel in the lagoon

Offshore Reef fishing

Another great catch aboard the Bullet Proof Charter

Offshore Reef Fishing

Another great catch

Offshore Reef Fishing

Beautiful troute caught on the offshore reef charter with Tony & Sandy

offshore reef fishing

Great day out on the reef

Offshore Reef Fishing Dolphin Fish

Dolphin Fish

Pancake Creek Camping Transfers

Camping transfers to Pancake Creek

Pancake Creek

Beautiful Pancake Creek

1770 Fishing Charters

Happy days fishing

Offshore charter haul of fish

Camping Transfer Lady Musgrave Is

Campers dropped off ready to camp at Lady Musgrave Island

The Reef Laday Musgrave

Snorkelling Lady Musgrave Lagoon

Tony transferring campers to Lady Musgrave Island

Offshore Reef Fishing

Our boat travelling to the reef

Coral found snorkelling on the reef at Lady Musgrave

Turtle life in the lagoon at Lady Musgrave

Lady Musgrave Noddy Birds

Lady Musgrave Walkway

Sunset at 1770 Marina Photo by Kim Cooke Photography & Design

Snorkelling Lady Musgrave

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